Machine Design

Potent Palletizer

The K-Bot Palletizer is billed as a basic and low-cost unit for firms that are testing the waters in automated end-of-line solutions.

Designed to move up to 175 lb, it is a four-axis, floor-level palletizer capable of running single or dual-line applications at a rate of up to 10 cycles/min. The K-Bots compact 62 3 104-in. footprint allows for pallet sizes of up to 48 3 48 in. and unit loads up to 72-in. high. It is dual function, serving as a palletizer and depalletizer. The operator interface is programmed with predefined pack patterns, simplifying changeover. The machine incorporates protective features on its motors and power-encoder cables that promote long life.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Box 890, 5370 Guy Young Rd., Brewerton, NY 13029, (315) 676-3035,

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