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Power for motor drives -- B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

The 8B0P passive power-supply modules provide central power for ACOPOS multi drive systems. The modules are designed for 3 × 380 to 3 × 500-Vac main input voltages, provide 8 or 16-kW continuous power output depending on the system, and 24 or 48-kW peak power rating for dynamic applications.
The unit’s feature a passive motor brake that prevents hanging loads from dropping in an uncontrolled manner if power is lost. The motor brake engages if the mechanical clamping system fails and the hanging load is then lowered in a controlled manner.
The module’s Powerlink network gives users extensive diagnostics options. Supply voltage, current, and power data on the dc bus and power-element temperatures are recorded cyclically.
An integrated power meter function provides users with information about the average and maximum effective and apparent power consumption of the production machine.
B&R Industrial Automation Corp., 1250 Northmeadow Pkwy., S-100, Roswell, GA 30076, (770) 772-0400,

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