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Machine Design

Power Supplies

Two models of the new RKE Series power supplies are available: a 48-V nominal output (RKE 48-32K,1,500 W) and a 24/28-V nominal output (RKE 24-50K, 1,200 W).

The units offer active PFC, FCC/VDC Class-B conducted and radiated emissions compliance, wide outputadjustment range, a current balance terminal for N + 1 redundant operation, remote on/off function, and a 5-yr warranty. The 3.6 4.7 9.3-in. supplies are suitable for distributedpower applications. A rectangular current-limit feature makes them candidates for batterycharging applications.

Kepco Inc.,
131-38 Sanford Ave., Flushing, NY 11352,
(718) 461-7000,

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