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Power transmission and motion control products post gains

Power transmission and motion control products post gains

According to a new study, 2010 was a significantly improved year versus 2009 for power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) product sales. Based on data released by the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), Chicago, in its just released Market Outlook Report, year-end sales data for PT/MC products shows that both U.S. and Canadian manufacturers saw sales increase by double digits in 2010 over 2009.

Following a significant drop of 26.9% in 2009, U.S. manufacturers saw a 14.6% increase in PT/MC product sales in 2010. The annualized sales-to-inventory ratio for 2010 dropped from 10.5 at year-end 2009 to 9.5 at year-end in 2010. Canadian manufacturers performed even better in 2010, with a 15.1% increase in sales in 2010, following a 24.7% percent drop in 2009. The annualized sales-to-inventory ratio rose significantly to 10.8 at year-end 2010, compared to 7.1 at year-end 2009.

Both U.S. and Canadian manufacturers posted product-specific sales increases in almost every category.

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