Machine Design

Powered Card Rack Enclosures

D+1600 Series enclosures feature solid aluminum construction and a stainless-steel inject/eject plate that provides up to 104 lb of insertion/extraction force.

A patented extruded-aluminum card-guide system will not flex or break like plastic and improves cooling airflow. Models D+1605 and D+1607 accommodate up to five or seven horizontal-mount 6U 4HP boards, respectively. Both models include ball bearing fans, an autoranging power supply, and either a VME64X or cPCI backplane. Options include desktop or rack-mount style, front-mount drive bays, rearmounted 80 mm I/O plug-in unit, and choice of power supply up to 500 W.

Triple E Corp., 60 Foot of Crosby St., Lowell, MA 01852, (978) 453-0600,

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