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Machine Design

Precision right-angle gearing

The TK+ is a generalpurpose product for servoapplications that feature precision hypoid gearing.

Compared with bevel gears, it can double torque capacity because of a larger pinion while the larger pitch angle reduces noise. The hypoid gearset also permits higher speeds, in particular for axes where an extra planetary stage was previously required in combination with bevel gears. High power density results in a compact package, in many cases permitting use of smaller gear sizes.

An ISO-9409 flange and hollow shaft are available, permitting new design options for turntables, grippers, tilt axes, and workpiece manipulators. It also simplifies building robust linear actuators with standard rotary servomotors. TK+ is available in five sizes with maximum torque to 640 Nm. Ratios range from 3:1 to 100:1 and maximum backlash is 4 arc-sec. Speeds are to 6,000 rpm and a universal mounting system is compatible with virtually all motors. Targeted applications include machine tools, packaging machines, robots, conversion and paper processing, and printing machines. alpha gear drives Inc., 1249 Humbracht Circle Bartlett, IL 60103, (630) 540-5300,

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