Machine Design

Precision Slide Table

P5S-P Series precision slide tables handle applications that demand quick, precise load movement and positioning.

The tables consist of a pneumatically actuated carriage riding on four sets of recirculating stainless-steel ball-bearing units on two guide rails. Dual-cylinder piston-rod design provides maximum force while limiting overall size. Tables can mount together to provide precise X-Z, Y-Z, or X-Y-Z motion. Four cylinder-bore sizes, 12, 16, 20, and 25 mm, provide strokes from 10 to 250 mm and theoretical thrust ranging from 130 to 560 N (extension) and 100 to 430 N (retraction) at 6-bar pressure. Repeatability is 0.03 mm.

Internal bumpers reduce noise and provide endofstroke adjustment, and hydraulic shock absorbers are available for high-inertial-load applications.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Actuator Div.,
135 Quadral Dr., Wadsworth, OH 44281,
(330) 336-3511,

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