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Machine Design

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Films

Kraton G hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) now include UV and thermally stable MD6649 and MD6666 grades.

The SBCs can be coextruded with polyolefins on standard cast or blown film lines. This eliminates secondary adhesive coatings when producing pressure-sensitive adhesive films. The SBCs reportedly have better adhesion than previously coextruded adhesive coatings and can be tailored by dry blending with other polyolefins. Surface protective films made from MD6649 and MD6666 SBCs are highly elastic and conformable for thermoforming. They are also free from typical drawbacks such as residue transfer seen with conventional adhesive-coated-films.

Kraton Polymers LLC, 700 Milam, Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77002, (800) 457 2866,

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