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Motion System Design

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Dual rate meter

The PAXDR Dual Rate Meter provides real-time viewing of dual input rates, and sophisticated math functions to measure and display the sum, difference, ratio, draw, or percentage of total between the two rates. PAXDR is a 5-digit dual rate indicator and 6-digit dual totalizer that monitors factors such as unwind and rewind wire tension, feed and tension roll speed, and other production rates. Within its 1/8 DIN housing, the new meter is a single, easy-to-use device that simplifies dual-rate applications — without needing any complex programming that would otherwise be required to perform application-specific calculations.

Red Lion Controls Inc.
(717) 767-6511

Vision software

VisionPro Surface, software for material inspection, combines visual defect detection and classification technology with a simple user interface to enable accurate surface texture assessment during manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional inspection technologies that use signal processing to detect defects, this software works by monitoring the material's visual appearance. Using statistical analysis, it automatically identifies potential defects in the surface and classifies them into groups based on similarity in contrast, texture, or geometry. During the training phase, users adjust sensitivity for defect detection and assign names or values to distinguish between different defect types. During production, the system automatically classifies each defect according to the designer's categories.

Cognex Corp.
(877) 264-6391

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