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Motion System Design

Product Spotlight: Ac drives


X200-series inverters deliver power and flexibility in a compact contactor-style package.

Features & benefits

  • Power input at top, motor output at bottom of unit

  • UL, c-UL, CE, and C-certified; RoHS compliant

  • Safe Stop provides hardware-based emergency stop

  • Decelerate and stop motor using regenerative energy from the load when ac supply power is lost

  • Trip avoidance and automatic energy saving function, built-in timing logic, analog input math (PLC) functions, and RS485 Modbus/RTU communication interface

Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Systems Div.
(914) 631-0600
Circle 151

RoHS-compliant ac drives

V1000-series ac drives feature maintenance monitors to ensure drive health, on-line tuning to maintain harmony with motor, and application presets for easier installation.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for ⅛ to 25 hp motors

  • Three models — 200 to 240 V single-phase, 50/60 Hz; 200 to 240 V three-phase, 50/60 Hz; and 380 to 480 V three-phase, 50/60 Hz

  • Stackable side-by-side, due to heat-sink technology

  • Vector control, open loop

  • Standard EN954-1 Safety Category 3 safety input to disconnect the motor

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
(800) 927-5292
Circle 152

Variable speed ac drives

X5 UltraFlex ac drives are enclosed for high performance in demanding applications and are easy to set up and maintain.

Features & benefits

  • Up to 200 hp
  • Real-time clock
  • Supports most popular communication protocols
  • Offer encoder feedback capabilities and a USB port

TB Wood's Inc., an Altra Industrial Motion company
(888) 829-6637
Circle 153

Modular drives

AC890PX modular ac drives feature pluggable power modules for quick replacement and reduced downtime.

Features & benefits

  • 600 hp and 380 to 690 Vac ratings

  • Communicates with all protocols, including Ethernet, ProfiBus, ControlNet, DeviceNet, CanOpen, and Firewire, with available option cards

  • Run induction, torque, and permanent magnet servo motors in control modes including simple V/Hz, open-loop flux vector, and precision closed-loop vector with positioning

  • Come with disconnect fuses, a harmonic reducing input line reactor, and dynamic braking resistor

Parker Hannifin Corp., SSD Drives Div.
(704) 588-3246
Circle 154

Vector drives

SMVector advanced inverter drives feature expanded communication options, including RS-485/Modbus, CANopen, and DeviceNet.

Features & benefits

  • Up to 25 hp; input voltage from 120 Vac, 1-phase to 600 Vac, 3-phase

  • Four operating modes — V/Hz, enhanced V/Hz, vector speed, and torque

  • Pop-in communication modules can be installed upon order or inserted into existing SMVector

  • Electronic programming module removable memory chip allows quick and easy programming

AC Technology, a member of the Lenze Group
(508) 278-9100
Circle 155

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