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Product Spotlight: Anaerobic Adhesives

Rite-Lok anaerobic adhesives are designed for threadlocking, threadsealing, pipe and hydraulic joint sealing, retaining of cylindrical parts, and gasketing.

The adhesives cure to tough plastic in the absence of oxygen and in the presence of metal. They come in a wide range of viscosities, breaks and prevailing strengths.

Rite-Lok cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesives come in liquid and gel formulations and cure in seconds to bond many substrates. The line includes low bloom/low odor, temperature resistant, surface insensitive, and rubber-toughened and plasticized formulations.

Two-step Rite-Lok structural acrylic adhesives bond a wide variety of substrate combinations, including metalto- stone, plastic-to-metal, metal-tometal, and plastic-to-plastic. These adhesives eliminate the need for epoxies, thus saving surface-preparation time.

3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Div.
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St. Paul, MN 55144
(800) 362-3550

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