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Product Spotlight: Clutches & Brakes

Bolt-on brakes

Bolt-on brakes are spring set with a clamp-collar fitting for quick assembly.

Features & benefits

  • 17, 23, 34, and 42 frame sizes

  • Mount easily on standard stepper and servomotors

  • Built-in shaft readily accepts gearbox, pulley, or other parts

  • Complete catalog available on CD for electromagnetic and wrap spring clutches and brakes, motor brakes, controls, and moment of inertia measurement equipment

Inertia Dynamics
Torrington, Conn.
(800) 800-6445
Circle 165

Magnetic particle clutches

Clutches magnetize microscopic stainless-steel spheres to produce torque.

Features & benefits

  • 1 oz-in. to 300 lb-ft; heat dissipation to 1,900 W

  • Torque is independent of slip speed, and ranges from near 0 to maximum rating by adjusting input current

  • Produce smooth, infinitely adjustable slip torque

Placid Industries Inc.
Lake Placid, N.Y.
(518) 523-2422
Circle 166

Spring-set brakes

Thomson-Deltran power off magnetic dc brakes are multifunctional for use in a variety of applications.

Features & benefits

  • Nine frame sizes from 30 to 120

  • High torque-to-size ratio; 45 to 4,250 lb-in. in diameters from 3.30 to 11.89 in.

  • Operating voltages of 24/90/190 V dc standard

  • Mount easily to motor or frame as simple splined hub attached to shaft with set screw and keyway

Danaher Motion
Wood Dale, Ill.
(866) 993-2624
www.danahermotion.comCircle 167

Electric micro clutch

MICS-5NE high-speed electric micro clutch achieves a 300% gain in operating speed over previous bushing design.

Features & benefits

  • Four micro-instrument ball bearings replace bushings

  • Three body sizes for torques of 2, 4, and 7 lb-in.

  • Thin permanent magnet disc disengages armature plate when power is removed for faster response times

  • Increases side load capacity by 1,000%

Ogura Industrial Corp.
Somerset, N.J.
(732) 271-7361
Circle 168

Caliper disc brake

PD 1473 hydraulically actuated, single opposed piston disc brake produces medium torque by securing the caliper and disc to fixed mountings.

Features & benefits

  • Standard and auto-adjust models come with asbestos-free linings for long life and smooth stopping

  • Maximum pressure of 1,500 psi, two pistons, and a lining area of 9.6 in.2 per brake

  • Auto-adjust comes with electroless nickel-plated housing for corrosive environments

  • Optional multiple calipers increase torque; retracting springs and automatic adjusters available

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction
Bloomington, Ind.
(812) 334-8727
www.carlislebrake.comCircle 169

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