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Machine Design

Product Spotlight: Cushion Mounting Tapes

The R/bak SA 3000 Series of cushion mounting tapes have three levels of compressibility to accommodate all flexographic printing applications.

The tapes offer consistent print results, high print quality, and easy handling.

The Series consists of R/bak SA 3100 – Soft – 15 and 20 mil for jobs needing halftone process and fine-screen work; R/bak SA 3300 – Medium – 15 and 20-mil general-purpose for jobs with screen, line, and solid work; R/bak SA 3500 – Firm – 15 and 20 mil for jobs with bold lines and solids with darker screens. Operating performance is reportedly improved through faster startups, higher line speeds, fewer press adjustments, and less damage. The open-cell polyurethane tapes provide cushioning to absorb shock and lower cost for flexographic printing operations.

Rogers Corp.
One Technology Dr.
Box 188
Rogers, CT 06263
( 860) 774.9605

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