Motion System Design

Product spotlight: Gears & gearing

Hypoid gearheads

Hypoid gearheads feature a hollow shaft to reach maximum speeds.

Features & benefits

  • HG2 offers low-backlash in a right-angle design as well as high torque and speed, gear ratios in single stage, low noise, and high efficiency

  • TK2 flange output design achieves higher torque transmission than traditional designs, high single-stage reduction ratios; and is smooth-running and fatigue resistant

  • SK2 right-angle design eliminates high-speed co-axial drives and slow-speed right-angle drives; comes with pre-assembled pinion

Alpha Gear Drives Inc.
Bartlett, Ill.
(630) 540-5300
Circle 173

Helical gears

TorqLoc keyless hollow shaft mounting system fits larger parallel shaft helical and helical bevel gear units.

Features & benefits

  • 19 sizes for shaft diameters from 3.25 to 3.75 in. and 80 to 125 mm

  • Electroless nickel or stainless steel

  • Interchangeable bushings suit many shaft diameters; eliminate cutting of keyways or turning solid shaft to exacting tolerances

  • Compact design mounts close to bearings or machine frames

SEW Eurodrive Inc.
Lyman, S.C.
(864) 439-7537
Circle 174

Inline gearmotors, speed reducers

Browning series 7000 inline gearmotors and speed reducers feature a modular design for direct interchange with European modular drives.

Features & benefits

  • Taper connection for easy no-drain drive replacement

  • 20 to 50% higher torque capacity than older units

  • Quill-style C-face for use with dc and servomotors

  • Broadest line of motor ends

Emerson Power Transmission
Maysville, Ky.
(800) 626-2120
Circle 175

Integrated gear-pulley

Power Pulley timing pulleys feature a compact linear design to provide up to 10:1 reduction.

Features & benefits

  • Three frame sizes with almost any tooth pitch — English, metric, AT metric, and curvilinear

  • High bearing capacity supports extreme belt tension

  • Eliminates external bearings and shafting

Onvio LLC
Salem, N.H.
(866) 685-0404
Circle 176

Gearhead reducers

GHP-20 gearhead reducers suit mixer drive applications and offer low noise, minimal backlash, and quiet and shock absorbent operation.

Features & benefits

  • 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 17, and 25:1 ratios

  • Simple 56 C-face motor with less than 5 in. motor extension envelope

  • Roller gear technology in harmonic and planetary formats

  • Sealed lubrication system

Gearing Solutions
Solon, Ohio
(440) 498-9538
Circle 177

Metric gearboxes

Siti stainless-steel U-MU metric gearboxes suit aggressive environments by optimizing heat dissipation.

Features & benefits

  • Power from 0.09 to 11 kW; output torque from 12 to 885Nm

  • Ratios from 5 to 100:1

  • Axle base measures 40 to 110 mm

  • Mount in any 360° position; couple with different size metric motors (B5 or B14 mounting)

Lafert North America
Mississauga, Ontario
(800) 661-6413
Circle 178

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