Machine Design

Product Spotlight: Linear Drive

The Model RG80 linear drive supplies up to 800 lb of side thrust for heavy load linear-motion applications.

Rolling-ring linear-motion engineering permits mechanical control over reversal, eliminating the need for electronic controls and a reversible motor. Linear pitch (speed) can be manually adjusted without gear reduction or adjusting drive motor speed.

The RG80 is a friction drive that runs on a case-hardened and ground shaft. Drive speed and travel direction are determined by the angle of the specially contoured rolling-ring bearings relative to the drive shaft. At the stroke’s end the drive contacts an end stop that pivots the rolling-ring bearings to reverse travel direction. The drive motor continues to rotate in one direction and no gear changes or other control adjustments are required.

2100 Bridgewater Rd.
Aston, PA 19014
(800) 252-2645

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