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Motion System Design

Product spotlight: Lubes and Seals

Thread sealant

Permatex Gel Squeeze Threadlockers prevent fastener loosening and failure caused by shock and vibration, flow easily into threads, and cure in the absence of air.

Features & benefits

  • Cure at room temperature without cracking or shrinking; withstand temperatures from -65° to 300° F

  • No-mess, no-waste, 5-g applicator provides pinpoint flow control

  • Gels stay put on vertical, inverted, and hard-to-reach surfaces; will not glob, flake, run, drip, or spill

  • Medium-strength Blue is made for assemblies from ¼ to 1 in. in diameter and exhibits 115/53 lb-in. break/prevail torque

  • High-strength Red is made for heavy-duty threaded assemblies ⅜ to 1 in. or more in diameter and exhibits 175/230 lb-in. break/prevail torque

ITW Devcon
(800) 933-8266
Circle 151

Inhibitor and protectant

Corrosion Stop water-resistant corrosion inhibitor/protectant penetrates, resists water, displaces moisture, prevents corrosion, and simplifies maintenance.

Features & benefits

  • Ideal for winterization
  • Fights salt water and atmospheric salt and chemicals
  • Suitable for anything that rusts or is exposed to a corrosive environment

The B'laster Corp.
(800) 858-6605
Circle 152

Lubricants, degreasers

Liquid Wrench Industrial and Gunk Industrial line lubricants, solvents, and degreasers are available in 12 aerosols and two dropper bottles, for use in manufacturing, maintenance, distribution, and service industries.

Features & benefits

  • Each has National Sanitary Foundation registration for use in non-food contact applications

  • Gunk Industrial aerosol product line includes Contact Cleaner and Gel, Non-Chlorinated Heavy-Duty, Green, and Citrus Degreasers

  • Liquid Wrench aerosol products include Heavy-Duty Penetrating Solvent, Multi-Purpose Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor, and Dry Lubricant Aerosol, all with CERFLON; Foaming Penetrant, White Lithium Grease, Heavy-Duty Silicone Spray, and Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant Aerosol with Moly

  • Penetrating Solvent and Corrosion Inhibitor with CERFLON come in dropper bottles

Radiator Specialty Co.
(877) 464-4865
Circle 153

Multi-purpose lubricant

Molykote L-0501 multi-purpose penetrating lubricating oil loosens rusted parts, stops squeaks, and provides corrosion resistance and long-term lubrication.

Features & benefits

  • For locks, hinges, cranks, sliding doors, tools, chains, cables, switch linkages, knuckles, pins, and pivots

  • Available in liquid and aerosol formulations featuring a no-clog spray

  • Provides corrosion protection; anti-wear additive offers longer-term lubrication than conventional penetrating oils

Dow Corning Corp.
(989) 496-4400
Circle 154

Rotary seals

Rotaflon rotary seals reduce or eliminate shaft damage and reduce power consumption, eliminating downtime related to worn seal shafts.

Features & benefits

  • Low breakout force and high chemical resistance

  • Accommodate surface speeds to 5,900 ft/min. and temperatures from -58° to 500°F

  • Suitable for poorly lubricated conditions

  • RB-series incorporates bonded, low friction surface on elastomeric seal lip; MC-series incorporates high-performance polymer sealing lip with single lip, double lip, and spring energizer

American High Performance Seals
(412) 788-8815
Circle 155

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