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Product Spotlight Motors: Peristaltic Pump Gearmotor

The ultraquiet Peristaltic Pump Gear Motor (PPGM) Series is designed for a wide range of peristaltic positive-displacement pumps. The PPGM develops significant torque at a relatively low operating rate, for long service life and silent operation. Specific pump requirements translate into torque, speed, and current so the pump provides the required flow rate and pressure.

The gearmotor comes in 16 and 30-W models with 0.5-Nm nominal torque and 24-V operating voltage. The 16-W version is also available with 12-V operating voltage. Gear ratios of 12.80 to 104 create speeds from 46 to 455 rpm. For accurate flow-pump rate control, some versions have 1 to 48-pulse encoders, and service life is rated to 2,000 hr. The PPGM easily mates with many types and sizes of peristaltic pumps via a variety of faceplate configuration options.

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