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Product Spotlight: Pipe Sealant

Flex Bond two-component pipe sealant bonds flexible PVC, ABS, and other plastic piping.

Flexible bonds are formed for joining hoses to rigid PVC couplings. No mixing is required and functional cure is attained in 1 hr at room temperature. The sealant withstands temperatures to 200°F.

Users apply the methacrylate polymer to one of the two surfaces to be joined and then the activator is sprayed on top of the polymer or onto the other surface. Curing begins when the polymer comes in contact with the activator. Working time is 3 to 4 min following activation.

The sealant can also be used to seal steel pipe joints and laminate plastics to core materials. It has a 16% tensile elongation and fills gaps as wide as 25 mils. When bonded surfaces of the same material are separated by a gap of 10 mils, adhesive tensile shear (in lb/in.2) is 878 on ABS, 988 on FRP, 838 on PVC, and 1482 on cold-rolled steel.

30 Endicott St.
Danvers, MA 01923
(800) 933-8266

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