Motion System Design

Product spotlight: Platforms & hardware

Stand-alone controller

EC21 embedded controller is a stand-alone CPU for switching cabinet installation that connects to three I/O systems (X67 I/O, compact I/O, and X20 system).

Features & benefits

  • Interfaces include RS232, CAN, Profibus DP, X2X Link, and Ethernet

  • Three digital inputs/outputs

  • Interchangeable memory with CompactFlash card

  • Integrated counter function with direction switching and period and gate measurement

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
Roswell, Ga.
(770) 772-0400
Circle 136

I/O module

The 759-670 I/O module provides stepmotor and servo drive control in a compact 12 mm wide package.

Features & benefits

  • Supports two pulse output patterns — step/direction or incremental encoder

  • RS-422 interface; controlled by variable output frequency to 500 kHz

  • 16 fieldbus options

  • 24-bit resolution for positioning accuracy and 8 LEDs for status indication and diagnostics

  • Integrated control in fieldbus node (PLC or PC-based) eliminates separate motion controller

Wago Corp.
Germantown, Wis.
(800) 346-7245
Circle 138

I/O terminals

KL2532 and KL2542 I/O terminals provide an alternative to traditional drive systems for dc motor control.

Features & benefits

  • 2-wire connection from motor to bus terminal

  • 12-mm KL2532 supplies up to 1 A to two 24 W dc motors

  • KL2542 provides continuous current of 2 × 3.5 A for two motors with ratings to 175 W

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Burnsville, Minn.
(952) 890-0000
Circle 139

Four-axes controllers

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 1768-L43 controllers handle up to four axes by combining motion and sequential control into one integrated multitasking platform.

Features & benefits

  • Support DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP

  • Eliminate need for battery and reduce maintenance and support issues

  • Support removable CompactFlash memory for archiving projects loaded to multiple controllers

  • Allow easy movement from one Logix application to another without additional programming

Rockwell Automation
Mayfield Heights, Ohio
(800) 223-5354 ext. 1858
Circle 137

Logic controllers

ServoWire motion and logic controllers come in three models — 30, 80, and 160 — and control up to 16 axes and thousands of I/O points.

Features & benefits

  • Connect as many as 16 digital ServoWire SM drives with up to 4 kHz loop update rate

  • Two Ethernet ports; three or four serial ports

  • Removable CompactFlash; 32 Kbytes battery-backed SRAM

  • Modbus/TCP communications for interfacing I/O and touchscreen HMIs

  • Wago 750 series I/O connected via Modbus/UDP or Firewire; eight, built-in digital/analog I/Os

Ormec Systems Corp.
Rochester, N.Y.
(800) 656-7632
Circle 140

Motion control card

Magellen PCI motion controller features a 50 μsec per axis servo loop rate that supports dc brush, brushless dc, microstepping, and pulse and direction motors.

Features & benefits

  • 5Mcount/sec quadrature encoder input; 5 Mpulse/sec pulse and direction output

  • Uses standard C or C++ programming

  • Communications through PCI bus via CANbus serial port

  • Accepts position, velocity acceleration, deceleration, and jerk input parameters to generate trajectory

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
Lincoln, Mass.
(781) 674-9860
Circle 141

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