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Machine Design

Product Spotlight: PM Gearmotors

The NEMA -23 and 34 brushless PM integrated gearmotors are combined with a low-noise planetary geartrain to produce 26.5 lb-in. rated torque from the DS 2315 frame size and 224 lb-in. from the larger DS 3420. Maximum momentary torque is 198 lb-in. for Size 23 and 633 lb-in. for Size 34 brushless PM motors. Supplied in IP65 or IP67 configurations, the gearmotor comes in single, dual, and three-stage geartrains with 10 gear ratios ranging from 16:1 to 1,012:1. A special bearing-bore design damps motor noise. High-energy neodymium magnets maximize motor torque. Available feedback devices include Hall sensors, resolvers, and encoders. The motor’s interface to 12 to 320-Vdc sinusoidal drives

Dynetic Systems
19128 Industrial Blvd.
Elk River, MN 55330
(800) 899-4372

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