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Product Spotlight: Proximity Sensors

Product Spotlight: Proximity Sensors

Photoelectric sensors

M18 photoelectric sensors with an integral right angle prism improve conveyor control reliability and are flush mounted onto a conveyor side looking across the belt or rollers.

Features & benefits

  • High intensity, pulsed, visible red (660 nM) light provides immunity from interference from bright light sources

  • All main sensor formats available — diffuse, background suppression, retroreflective, and through-beam

  • 10 to 30 Vdc; can switch an output current of 200 mA

  • Sensing range is stable from -25° to 55° C; short-circuit and inverse polarity proof and overload protected

Contrinex Inc.
(866) 289-2899
Circle 160

Miniature proximity sensors

M8 miniature picoprox sensors feature Uprox+ technology to provide compact housings with sensing distances that far exceed ferrite core sensors, especially while sensing non-ferrous metals.

Features & benefits

  • 316 stainless-steel housing provides strength and corrosion resistance; offers weld field immunity

  • Extended 2-mm sensing ranges available for flush mount versions or 6-mm ranges for non-flush applications

  • 3-wire dc, 10 to 30 Vdc, with PNP normally open or closed, or NPN normally open versions

  • Cable options include M8 picofast or M12 eurofast connections

  • Integrated pre-damping protection reduces metal-free mounting area, allowing flush-mounted sensors to be recessed by half a turn for increased mechanical protection

(800) 544-7769
Circle 161

Inductive proximity sensor

IProx tubular proximity sensor uses an embedded microprocessor and SmartSense technology to sense up to three times farther than other shielded or unshielded sensors.

Features & benefits

  • Stainless-steel housing, highly visible dual-color LED indicator, Ryton impact-resistant face cap, and vibration absorbing potting compound

  • Extended sensing range and automatic configuration of output for sinking or sourcing connection

  • Come in ac 2-wire and dc 3-wire with repeat accuracy of less than 1% sensing distance (shielded) and less than 3% sensing distance (unshielded)

  • Auto-configuration technology automatically detects sinking (NPN) or sourcing (PNP) connection and switches sensor accordingly

  • Input voltage of 20 to 132 Vac (2-wire) and 6 to 48 Vdc (3-wire)

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 162

Miniature photoelectric sensors

Mini-Eye photoelectric sensors perform nearly all sensing tasks from even the tightest locations; proximity, thru-beam, and retroreflective models perform object detection such as web break detection, counting, inspection, orientation, and more.

Features & benefits

  • Waterproof; enclosed in high-impact plastic housings for hostile environments

  • Immune to indirect ambient light and strobes

  • Infrared or red LED light sources; NPN or PNP output transistors

  • Come with quick disconnect or potted cables; can be operated in either the light “on” or dark “on” modes

Tri-Tronics Co. Inc.
(800) 237-0946
Circle 163

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