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Product Spotlight: Proximity Sensors

Inductive sensors

Pre-programmed ASIC technology on Mega proximity sensors reduces size and improves sensing consistency.

Features & benefits

  • 3, 4, 6.5-mm and M5, M8, M12, and M30 diameter housing sizes

  • Detect metal objects at distances from 0.8 to 15 mm; sensing distance programmed after sensor built

  • Small circuit board reduces length

  • Operate in temperatures from -25° to 75° C; IP67-rated stainless-steel or nickel-plated brass housings

  • Shielded, quasi-shielded, or unshielded mountings; short-circuit and reverse polarity protection included

Baumer Electric
Southington, Conn.
(800) 937-9336
Circle 151

High-temperature sensors

CQ40 and CQ80 inductive proximity sensors have a sensing head separate from the electronic amplifier assembly for long sensing ranges.

Features & benefits

  • Operating temperatures to 250°C

  • Interconnected with standard M12 eurofast quick-disconnects using Teflon cables encased by aluminum sleeve

  • Separate components reduce maintenance and operating costs: Only the sensing head exposed to high temperatures needs replacement

Minnetonka, Minn.
(800) 544-7769
Circle 152

Speed monitors

Programmable M18 speed monitors are DIN-rail mountable and evaluate pulse frequency, rotational speed, linear speed, and machine cycles.

Features & benefits

  • 4-wire, dc monitor provides 12-mm non-flush sensing range

  • Three LED status display for power, switching, and input pulses

  • Designed for rotational speeds to 18,000 pulse/min

  • Pulse output for monitoring rev/min; switching output indicates under-speed and over-speed conditions

  • 100 to 240 ac/dc or 24 Vdc operating voltage

ifm efector inc.
Exton, Pa.
(800) 441-8246
www.ifmefector.comCircle 153

Capacitive switches

Proximity switches monitor levels of liquids, pastes, and bulk materials, even through non-metallic dividing walls.

Features & benefits

  • 4-wire in sizes M12, M18, and M30 (PNP or NPN, with changeover outputs; 2-wire (ac/dc, NO) in sizes M18 and M30, or embeddable or non-embeddable versions

  • Connection made by standard 2-m cable or S12 connector

  • Suitable as limit and contact-free position switches, monitoring and positioning, pulse generators for counting, distance and speed measurement

  • PPO or PTFE synthetic housing and 304 stainless-steel or nickel-plated brass housings; potted in epoxy resin

Contrinex Inc.
Old Saybrook, Conn.
(866) 289-2899
Circle 154

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