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Product Spotlight Pump & Compressors: Axial-Piston Pump

The Series 760 variable-displacement closed-circuit piston-type pump and fixed motor come with displacements of 130 cc/rev (7.93 in.3/rev) at 3,200-rpm operating speed and 160 cc/rev (9.76 in.3/rev) at 2,950 rpm. The pumps have a 6,250-psi working pressure with a 6,750-psi high-pressure relief setting. Both pumps and motors feature a SAE D-flange mount.

Features of the Series 760 include a high-efficiency inline axial-piston design with high-speed/ high-flow capabilities and high corner power; a high-displacement integral-charge pump, same-side porting, optional bolt-on valves and rear ports; and an integral shuttle-valve design with optional bolt-on valves for same side or rear ports.

Eaton Corp., Hydraulics Business
14615 Lone Oak Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 924-7992

TAGS: Hydraulics
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