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Product Spotlight Pumps & Compressors: Rotary Refrigeration Compressor

The miniature rotary refrigeration compressor produces over 300 W (1,000 Btu/hr) of cooling at 130°F condensing and 45°F evaporating. The variable-speed unit uses a 24-V sensorless brushless dc motor and is designed for HFC-134a refrigerant and other refrigerants. The compressor weighs less than 1.5 lb, is 2.2 in. in diameter, and 3.0 in. high. Uses include air-conditioning units, water chillers, and commercial refrigeration systems. Its low weight, small size, and low energy consumption make it suitable for mobile or portable systems using either battery or vehicle power, as well as small mobile applications (cooling of electronic components).

Aspen Compressor LLC
825 Chappells Dairy Rd.
Somerset, KY 42503
(508) 281-5322, ext 229

TAGS: Hydraulics
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