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Product Spotlight: A Sensor That Can See Translucents

The World-Beam QS30 clear object sensor uses an advanced optical design that lets the sensor see translucent materials, for dependable detection of clear targets including PET bottles and glass containers. The design also prevents the sensor from being tricked by specular reflections, allowing detection of optically engineered surfaces such as mirrors, LCD glass with polarizing films, and semiconductor wafers.

Configured by either a pushbutton on the sensor or via remote input line, users select from one of three switching thresholds — light, medium, or dark, depending on the target’s transparency level — to optimize detection and maximize sensing stability. An automatic compensation algorithm adapts the switching threshold to the sensor’s environment in real time. A microcontroller filters out small changes due to dust or contamination on the sensor and reflector or small changes caused by ambient temperature shifts.

Banner Engineering Corp.
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Minneapolis MN 55441
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