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Product Spotlight: Storage Battery

The SBS190F is a thin-plate pure-lead (TPPL) valveregulated lead-acid battery that is said to be 10% more powerful than conventional VRLA batteries.

The new configuration makes for smaller battery compartments and/or increased battery capacity.

The use of pure lead boosts resistance to selfdischarge and positive grid corrosion. This extends shelf life up to three times that of lead-calcium batteries. The units are suitable for wired and wireless telecom outside-plant applications in cell sites, cabinets, CEV’s, and huts, as well as for utility/switchgear and cable TV applications.

A 48-V battery fits in a 23-in. frame. A seismic Zone-4 rack holds up to 6 48-V strings of batteries for a total capacity of 1,140 Ah. The 12-V battery has a nominal capacity of 190 Ah at C8/1.75Vpc/25°C and C10/1.80Vpc/20°C, and operates at -40 to 50°C (-40 to 122°F).

Box 14145
Reading, PA 19612
(800) 538-3627

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