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Product Spotlight: Vacuum Circuit Breakers

The VCP-WRG generator vacuum circuit breakers are designed for applications that need reliable and robust power-generation protection where weight and space is an issue. The breakers handle high continuous ac current and voltage and then safely switch through extreme out-of-phase voltages and high-stress asymmetrical currents. The units are designed to interrupt fault current levels with fast rates of rise of recovery voltage (RRRV)

The VCP-WRG fixed circuit breakers offer ratings to 15 kV, 75 kA, and 6 kA with natural air-convection cooling and up to 7 kA with forced-air cooling. The VCP-WG drawout generator breaker ratings are to 15 kV, 75 kA, and 4 kA without fan cooling and 5 kA with forcedair cooling. The breakers interrupt large shortcircuit currents in a small three-pole package.

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