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Motion System Design


Drives line

A new line includes SCR, PWM, SCR regenerative, and ac variable frequency versions.

Features & benefits

  • Pairs with gearmotors, available to 3 hp, in both U.S. and EU frequencies

  • Suitable for food preparation equipment, ventilation systems, medical pumping, and positioning equipment

Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.
St. Charles, Ill.
(630) 377-4327
Circle 178

RoHS motors

Line of fractional-hp motors is now lead-free.

Features & benefits

  • Solder is 96.4% Sn, 3% Ag, 0.5% Cu

  • Flux and cleaner processes remain the same

Groschopp Inc.
Sioux Center, Iowa
(712) 722-4135
Circle 179

Brushless motors

Mdrive 42AC Plus high-torque, brushless motors include a fully integrated drive and control electronics for high performance and smoothness.

Features & benefits

  • 20 µm step resolutions up to 51,200 step/rev (degrees, metric, arc min)

  • Single supply of 120 or 240 Vac

  • Holding torque of 1,147 oz/in. (single length) or 2,294 oz/in. (double length)

  • No dithering at zero speed, low-speed stability, and built-in regeneration circuitry

  • High-positioning accuracy and starting torque

  • Available in step and direction (microstepping) and fully programmable versions

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
Marlborough, Conn.
(860) 295-6102
Circle 180

Non-contact sensors

RSC 1300 non-contact rotary sensors use vertical Hall technology and a cross structure that affixes to a silicon chip to provide 360° measurements with 10-bit resolution.

Features & benefits

  • Measure 13 × 20 mm

  • Support rotating speed up to 10,000 rpm with sample rate of 10,000 kHz

  • Independent linearity of ±0.3% and repeatability to 0.1% of signal range

  • Stainless-steel housing; sealed to IP65

Novotechnik U.S. Inc.
Southborough, Mass.
(508) 485-2244
Circle 181

Ruling slides

Precision glass slides let users evaluate resolution, field distortion, and parfocal stability of fluorescent vision systems.

Features & benefits

  • Fluorescent backing lets users test system performance using application's UV light source

  • Incorporates Ronchi rulings deposited on fused silica

  • Resolutions available from five to 600 line pairs/mm

Edmund Optics Inc.
Barrington, N.J.
(800) 363-1992
Circle 182

Gear drives

Hub3 stainless steel helical and Poweratio 4000 inline gears are newest additions to drive line.

Features & benefits

  • Hub3 rated to 18 hp, Poweratio 4000 to 125 hp

  • Hub3 is available in two models and features smooth machined exterior for easy cleaning and no contaminant buildup

  • Poweratio 4000 is mechanically and dimensionally interchangeable with most models and comes in eight designs

Hub City Inc. Regal-Beloit Corp.
Aberdeen, S. Dak.
(605) 225-0360
Circle 183

Vision sensors

LightPix AE20 is an integrated lighting, CCD color camera and CPU vision sensor programmed with AETool software.

Features & benefits

  • Interchangeable inspection packages — color judgement, area, and pattern matching, measurement, and edge and peak detection

  • Connect to PLC and HMI

  • Aluminum IP67 construction withstands harsh environments

Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America
New Providence, N.J.
(877) 624-7872
Circle 184

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