Motion System Design


Hollow shaft encoder

HS35 hollow shaft encoder offers high resolution through robust electronics that multiply internal signals without degrading accuracy.

Features & benefits

  • Interpolative multiples of 2× to 16× provide up to 80,000 cycles/turn

  • Maximum resolution of 320,000 counts

  • Accommodates shaft bores to 1 in. diameter; installed length of 2 in.

  • Cast metal housing and dual preloaded bearings

  • Rotating shaft seals, sealed connector for NEMA 4, 13, and IP65 ratings

BEI Technologies Inc., Industrial Encoder Div.
Goleta, Calif.
(800) 350-2727
Circle 153

Cleanroom conveyors

Quickdraw conveyor system offers a low-profile rail for greater flexibility in a 50% smaller footprint.

Features & benefits

  • Sealed ball bearings eliminate service or belt replacements

  • 2⅞ in. high; 1½ in. wider than transport tray

  • Allows for variable speed, bi-directional transport, changeable layouts, and precision stopping for tight tolerance

  • Self-contained with plug-and-go operation eliminates PLC

  • Built-in sensor, logic, and motor controls provide convenient access

MagStar Technologies
Hopkins, Minn.
(952) 935-6921
Circle 154

Precision-honed couplings

Precision honed rigid couplings allow strict shaft-alignment control when both straight bores must be collinear.

Features & benefits

  • One or two-piece styles in aluminum, black oxide carbon steel, and stainless steel

  • Bore sizes from ⅛ to 2 in. and 3 to 50 mm

  • Available with or without keyways; do not mar shaft

Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Marlborough, Mass.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 155

Digital signal controllers

Both the F2809 and F2802 flash-based and C2801 and C2802 custom ROM-based 32-bit controllers feature 150-psec resolution.

Features & benefits

  • Mixed 16/32-bit instruction set improves code density

  • PWM output provides 16 bits of accuracy at 100 kHz and 12 bits at 1.5 MHz, eliminating limit-cycle issues

  • On-chip a/d converter, quadrature encoder input, and timer captures

  • Interface with CAN, I2C, UART, and SPI ports

  • Available in 100-pin LQFP and 100-ball BGA packaging styles

Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, Tex.
(800) 336-5236
Circle 156

Timing belts

Arc-Power 15 polyurethane timing belts and pulleys outperform conventional timing belts due to their arc-shaped design.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous tooth engagement reduces vibration and noise

  • Open-ended, welded, or endless (homogenous no-splice) designs with steel or stainless-steel tensions

  • 30% steel content and 5-mm tooth width give stiffness, accuracy, and increased tooth shear and tensile strength

  • BATK 15 and BAT 15 (with or without tracking guide) available

Brecoflex Co. LLC
Eatontown, N.J.
(888) 463-1400
Circle 157

High-voltage indexers

MS Series of high-precision programmable indexers feature internal power supply.

Features & benefits

  • Run on 380 to 480-Vac three-phase without an auxiliary transformer

  • Wire directly to plant power, eliminating time and expense to reduce voltage

  • 200 to 240-Vac, single and three-phase versions available

  • Diameters from 1 ft to greater than 8 ft

Centricity Corp.
Girard, Ohio
(330) 545-5624
Circle 158

Ethernet/IP interface

Motion Coordinator Ethernet/IP interface connects any servo or stepper controller handling 1 to 24 axes to a master PLC.

Features & benefits

  • Plugs into MC206X, MC224, and Euro205X controllers

  • Programming lets master PLC interrogate or set controller parameter, variable value, or start and stop motion

  • Runs alongside standard TCP/IP

  • EDS file in PLC identifies controller as slave I/O device

Trio Motion Technology
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 968-9744
Circle 159

Brushless servomotors

MDM-5000 high energy brushless servomotors provide high-torque density in a customizable platform.

Features & benefits

  • Three sizes — 60, 85, 110 mm

  • 0.5 to 14.1 Nm continuous stall torque

  • Speeds of 6,000 to 8,000 rpm

  • Suits most amplifiers and controllers; offers multiple voltage capabilities

  • NEMA, IEC mounting; custom mechanical interfaces

Torque Systems, Div. of Cleveland Motion Controls Inc.
Billerica, Mass.
(978) 667-5100
Circle 160

Plug-and-play cable assemblies

Off-the-shelf cable assemblies integrate with motors, drives, DeviceNet, Ethernet, and ControlNet applications.

Features & benefits

  • Molded, pre-assembled cable connectors for motors and drives feature environmental seals and integral strain relief

  • Pre-tested DeviceNet continuous-flex cables connect PLCs to computers and sensors or actuators to high-level devices

  • Flexing Ethernet assemblies and continuous-flex CAT5e cables combined with RJ45 or M12 circular connectors survive harsh environments

  • Static or continuous-flex coax cables and BNC connectors meet all ControlNet specs for 5 Mbit/sec operation

Lapp USA Inc.
Florham Park, N.J.
(888) 456-3539
Circle 162

Fixed-distance slot sensors

SLM series metal-slot sensors sense objects as small as 0.30 mm passing between its fixed distance, opposed-mode emitter and receiver.

Features & benefits

  • 10, 30, 50, 80, 120, and 220 mm slot widths

  • 500 µ sec response

  • 2 or 9 m attached cable, 4-pin Euro-style QD or 3-pin pico-style QD

Banner Engineering Corp.
Minneapolis, Minn.
(888) 373-6767
Circle 161

Electric linear actuator

DGEA cantilever electric linear actuator stabilizes the slide while the profile moves axially.

Features & benefits

  • Speeds to 3 m/sec; repeatability to ±0.05 mm; strokes to 1,000 mm

  • 18, 25, and 40-mm sizes

  • In-line coupling or integrated right-angle gearbox mounting

  • Reduces moving load, cycle times, energy consumption, and deflection

Festo Corp.
Hauppauge, N.Y.
(631) 404-3173
Circle 163

Motion analysis software

ML10 laser calibration system utilizes QuickView software to analyze linear or angular positioning accuracy, velocity, and acceleration in real-time.

Features & benefits

  • Measurements down to 1 nm or 0.01 arc/sec resolution

  • Simple graphic interface allows flexible, point-and-measure operation; eliminates predefined targets and sequences

  • Three data capture modes: free running, single-shot trigger, and multi-shot trigger data capture modes

  • Reads laser data at 5 Khz

  • Adjustable time-base (x-axis) from 10 msec to 20 sec and position axis from 100 nm to 5 m

Renishaw Inc.
Hoffman Estates, Ill.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 164

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