Motion System Design


Intelligent drives

IDM/IDS640 DSP drives feature a CANopen communication option for DSP 402 standard.

Features & benefits

  • Embed motion control, drive, and PLC functions in compact size

  • Software configurable to drive brushless, dc, linear, or step motors up to 640 W; 240 W available

  • Feedback devices include incremental, sin-cos, SSI, and EnDat encoders; resolvers; digital or linear Hall; techometer (servo drives); open loop with or without incremental or SSI encoder

  • Operations include velocity and position profile, homing and interpolated position, electronic camming, and gearing

Technosoft US Inc.
Canton, Mich
(734) 667-5275
Circle 271

Cable carriers

Bandtrac cable and hose carriers feature a single-piece extrusion that eliminates noise, wear, and vibration inherent to link-style carriers.

Features & benefits

  • Quiet, smooth, and clean

  • No moving parts; exhibit low wear

  • Only additional component necessary is mounting bracket

  • Easily accessible

Gortrac, Div. of A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.
New Berlin, Wis.
(262) 786-1500
Circle 272

Linear actuators

Rohlix linear actuators convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70 in./sec, depending on size.

Features & benefits

  • Handle thrust between 5 and 200 lb; loads attached to carrier block by twocap screws

  • Five sizes for ⅜ to 2 in. diameter shafts; metric from 8 to 50 mm

  • Adjustable thrust capacity allows system to disengage if preset thrust exceeded

  • Three precision ball bearings at each end of two-piece aluminum carrier block

  • Minimum 90% efficiency; provide up to 100 million in. linear travel

Plymouth, Minn.
(800) 533-1731
Circle 273

Ethernet-capable controller

Accelera DMC-40x0 Ethernet/RS232 controllers include a 32-bit microcomputer for high speeds and processing powers.

Features & benefits

  • Accept encoder inputs to 22 MHz; provide servo updates to 32 KHz; execute program instructions in 40 µsec.

  • Standalone, or interfaces with PC via Ethernet 10/100 Base-T or RS232 ports

  • One through eight axis formats; each axis user-configurable for stepper or servomotor operation

  • Expanded memory up to 510 symbolic variables, 16,000 array elements in 30 arrays, and space for up to 2,000 lines × 80 characters

Galil Motion Control Inc.
Rocklin, Calif.
(800) 377-6329
Circle 274

Vector drives

SMVector drives feature high starting torque, auto-tuning, advanced low-speed control, and dynamic speed regulation.

Features & benefits

  • Four modes of operation — V/Hz, enhanced V/Hz, vector speed, and torque

  • Power range up to 25 hp

  • Input ranges from 120 Vac 1-phase to 600 Vac 3-phase

  • Communication by RS-485/Modbus, CANopen, and DeviceNet

AC Technolgy, a member of the Lenze Group
Uxbridge, Mass.
(508) 278-9100
Circle 275

Aluminum-acetal gears

Series S1268Z-M aluminum-acetal gears feature the Fairloc integral hub fastening system to eliminate marred shafts.

Features & benefits

  • 20° pressure angle; AGMA Q10 and ISO Class 7 ratings

  • Mate with hubs that accept shafts from 0.0900 to 0.2498 in. diameter; clearance between bore and shaft is 0.0001 to 0.0008 in.

  • Sizes from 21 to 210 teeth with O.D. from 0.958 to 4.083 in.

  • Acetal reduces noise; 2024 aluminum core strengthens stainlesssteel hub

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument
New Hyde Park, N.Y.
(516) 328-3300
Circle 276

Inductive, heating fuses

Edison fuse line includes J, RK1, and RK5 class fuses to protect motors, transformers, and other inductive and heating loads.

Features & benefits

  • Current limiting, fast-acting, and time-delay

  • 250 or 600 Vac ratings; UL and CSA approved

  • Includes glass and ceramic fuses for fast-acting and time-delay protection of PLC outputs, pilot lights, and control devices

Cumming, Ga.
(770) 889-2858
Circle 277

Finned frame acmotors

RPM ac totally enclosed duty motors with finned frame construction provide increased torque density and more power in a small package.

Features & benefits

  • Advanced cooling optimizes heat dissipation and allows motor to deliver more horsepower in less space

  • Reduces rotor inertia and provides higher torque-to-inertia ratio for continuous constant torque from base speed down to zero speed

  • FL180 has heavy-duty finned aluminum frame; FL210 and FL250 have finned laminated steel frames

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron brackets with integral feet and oversized lubricated-for-life double-shielded ball bearings

  • NEMA and IEC designs; rated for IP54 and IP55

Reliance Electric
Greenville, S.C.
(864) 297-4800
Circle 278

Magnetic linear encoders

E-Series linear magnetic encoders provide measurement and feedback where optical scales don't work or last.

Features & benefits

  • Resolution between 0.5 and 200µm/edge

  • Self-adhesive, stainless steel-backed magnetic tape and magnetostrictive sensor with built-in resolution-enhancing interpolator

  • IP67-rated aluminum housing with stainless-steel bottom

  • Two adjustable wipers at end of sensor provide light cleaning as sensor moves

Admotec Inc.
Lebanon, N.H.
(603) 448-7000
www.admotec.comCircle 279

Motor controls

IEC motor control line features non-reversing contactors, bimetallic overload relays, and motor protection circuit breakers to work with common connections and accessories.

Features & benefits

  • Contactors available from 9 to 80 A; Relays from 9 to 105 A, and breakers to 25 A

  • Connection modules between contactor and breaker make assembly and installation easy and fast

  • Commoning links distribute power to multiple starter assemblies

  • Overload, phase-loss, and short-circuit protection

Beaver, Pa.
(724) 775-7926
Circle 280

Washdown motors

Barracuda stainless-steel motors have been expanded to include ratings from fractional to 30 hp.

Features & benefits

  • Vacuum-pressure impregnated windings withstand electrical shorts

  • Sealed electrical bearings suit high loads; drain holes located every 90° to counter condensation

  • Footed and non-footed 3-phase 208-230/460 V and 1-phase 115/230 V models

  • Squirrel-cage rotor, sealed bearings, and Class F insulation

Elektrim Motors
Schaumburg, III.
(847) 524-1074
Circle 281

Open-frame XY stage

Positioning stage model KDT 180 - DC is 32 mm high with a 199 mm2 footprint.

Features & benefits

  • 60-mm travel in each direction with straightness/flatness deviation of 1 µmm

  • Preloaded miniature ball screw, coupled to dc motor with rotary encoder is inside each axis

  • High-strength anodized aluminum table weighs 2.5 kg and handles loads to 50 N

  • Positional accuracy of 5 µm and repeatability of 1 µm; speeds to 10mm/sec and accelerations of 0.1m/sec2

Steinmeyer Inc.
Burlington, Mass.
(781) 273-6220
Circle 282

Severe-duty tables

Precision slide table systems with sealed linear bearings are engineered to carry heavier loads at higher speeds under continuous operation.

Features & benefits

  • Long life and low-friction roller bearing pillow blocks; precision linear ball bearings

  • Pre-assembled and pre-aligned with matched bearings and shafts

  • Ballscrew nut and precision-rolled ballscrew; multiple pitches available

  • End supported or fully supported models come with or without ballscrew

Lee Controls Inc.
Piscataway, N.J.
(800) 221-0811
Circle 283

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