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Motion System Design


Locking assemblies

Ecoloc RfN 7003-7006 internal locking devices provide high torque, self-centering capabilities, and axial capacities in rotating machinery.

Features & benefits

  • Sizes from ¾ to 615/16 in. and 19 to 180 mm with or without flanges

  • Directly interchangeable with other locking devices

  • Slit ring design provides high shaft tolerance variation

  • Backlash-free connection; eliminate key-ways, splines, press fits, and shrink fits

Ringfeder Corp.
Westwood, N.J.
(800) 245-2580
Circle 155

Brushless motors

Silencer motors provide smooth, efficient operation and increased speed ranges.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous torque from 2.4 to 519 oz.-in.

  • Anodized aluminum housing and sealed bearings and connectors meet IP65 rating

  • Frames — BN-IP 12, 17, 23, 28, 34, and 42 — come in four different lengths with many electrical options

  • Operates at any single speed; not limited to ac

Moog Components Group
Blacksburg, Va.
(540) 552-3011
Circle 156

Strain gauges

Transducer-quality strain gauges can be used for shear or torque applications.

Features & benefits

  • Suit accurate static and dynamic transducers

  • Can be fixed with cold or hot cure adhesives

  • Measuring grid made of etching and sealing constantan foil in polyimide film carrier medium

Omega Engineering Inc.
Stamford, Conn.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 159

Linear servomotor

QCI-L6 linear motor offers full closed-loop servo control for high acceleration moves to 8.4 g.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminates resonance, stalling, and excess heat

  • Maximum velocity of 6.4 ft/sec

  • 1 µm encoder allows for ±25 µm accuracy and ±10 µm repeatability

  • Moving forcer produces 6 lb continuous force while drawing less than 3 A from 12 to 48-V power supply

QuickSilver Controls Inc.
San Dimas, Calif.
(888) 660-3801
Circle 157

Linear slide

SFP slide design 6 offers travel adjustment, adjustable cushions, and carriage-precision rail bearings.

Features & benefits

  • Rail bearings improve rigidity and moment capacities

  • Internal stop pins eliminate damage if shock absorbers are set improperly

  • 27 and 40-mm bores with travel to 1,800 and 3,400, respectively

  • Stainless-steel outer band and saddle scraper seal enclose bearings reduce contamination in slide unit

PHD Inc.
Fort Wayne, Ind.
(800) 624-8511
Circle 158

Brushless dc micromotors

Pittman dc servomotors incorporate coil-winding geometry in a slotless motor design to deliver more power using less energy.

Features & benefits

  • Five sizes range from 0.500 to 1.750 in.

  • Speeds to 44,525 rpm; continuous torque to 42.6 oz-in.

  • High-energy NdDeB rare earth magnets; corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housings

  • Precision ABEC bearings and balanced rotors provide smooth and quiet operation

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
Harleysville, Pa.
(877) 748-8626
Circle 160

Helical couplings

Heli-Cal Flexure coupling is made from single, homogenous material and coil configuration that eliminates elastomeric elements like rubber bushings, spiders, rubber discs, pads, bolts, and nuts.

Features & benefits

  • Up to 950 hp at speeds of 3,600 rpm and above

  • Shaft sizes from 20 to 40 mm

  • Zero backlash due to no moving parts; vibration-free, smooth-bearing loads

  • High misalignment and speed; transmits high torque constant velocity; dynamic stability

Helical Products Co. Inc.
Santa Maria, Calif.
(877) 353-9873
Circle 161

Timing belt pulleys

Pulleys offer profile manufacturing tolerances to create smooth motion into and out of mating pulley.

Features & benefits

  • Reduced wear and stronger positioning accuracy

  • 0.80 to ⅜ in. and 2 to 8 mm pitch sizes

  • Pin hub, split hub, or hubless configurations

  • Mating belts available in neoprene and polyurethane, round profiles, Dacron and stainless-steel cores, and coreless belts in polyurethane jacket

Nordex Inc.
Brookfield, Conn.
(203) 775-4877
Circle 162

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