Motion System Design



XtraDrive-DL servo system features a dual-loop design that addresses instability issues inherent in high-speed precision motion systems requiring high accuracy.

Features & benefits

  • Senses and compensates for load position inaccuracies caused by repetitive motion, temperature changes, and wear

  • Two encoders commutate the motor and control algorithm function intelligently

  • Dual-loop mode reduces tracking error to ±1 µm

  • Integrated amplifier/1.5 axis controller, dual-loop option board, and motor stand alone or integrate into existing systems

  • Can be driven by analog, step, and direction or reference from a PLC or multi-axis controller

(866) 938-8080
Circle 154

Linear motion guide

Box Redi-Rail linear motion guide is rigid, self-supporting, and interchangeable for faster and easier installation.

Features & benefits

  • 30 and 45-mm sizes

  • T-slots allow for easy adaptability to many components and assemblies

  • Made with extruded aluminum alloy rail and hardened steel raceways, sealed double ball bearings, and seals

Pacific Bearing Co.
(800) 729-9085
Circle 155

Non-magnetic rigid chain

RigiBelt is made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel, with two belts that join together like a zipper to form a column.

Features & benefits

  • Driven with electric motor; handles loads from 2 to 1,000 lb

  • Stroke lengths to 6 ft unguarded

  • Available size is 25 mm2

  • Moves quickly and quietly while telescoping in and out

  • Mechanical design suits clean room conditions

Serapid Inc.
(586) 274-0774
Circle 156

Sercos analog, digital devices

Sercos III Block I/O digital and analog devices easily integrate I/O signals in technical testing and regulating applications by connecting sensors and actuators to high-level control systems.

Features & benefits

  • Digital version has 16 fast inputs and 16 combined fast inputs or outputs

  • I/O function on digital device is defined by connected actuator or sensor

  • Analog model has four inputs and two outputs that are configured individually

  • Four inputs allow differential registration of analog current or voltage signals; two inputs connect current or voltage actuators

Bosch Rexroth Corp., Electric Drives and Controls Div.
(800) 739-7684
Circle 157

Optical commutation encoder

RCML15 encoder provides signals for brushless motor commutation as well as incremental position feedback in a low profile.

Features & benefits

  • 3.3 V supply ±10% maximum ripple, and 40 mVp-to-p

  • Resolution to 4096 µm

  • Commutation for 4, 6, 8, and 10-pole brushless motors; 20° rotation aligns signals with motor poles

  • Custom LED and CMOS sensor arrangement offer high performance and reliability

  • Slide/gap mechanism installs easily

Renco Encoders Inc.
(805) 968-1525
Circle 158

Dc micromotor

Series M2232U dc micromotors feature low-cog rotation by combining skewed laminations and a tapered magnetic system.

Features & benefits

  • 22-mm diameter and 32-mm long

  • Achieves stall torque of 25.62 mNm and speeds to 10,000 rpm

  • 6, 12, and 24 V windings

  • Two versions have graphite commutation for long life under overload conditions

(727) 572-0131
Circle 159

Linear actuators

LCB series of compact linear actuators incorporates a low friction, dry running, sliding bearing carriage that provides long, reliable travel life, even at 100% duty cycle.

Features & benefits

  • Acceleration at 20 m2; speeds to 8 m/sec

  • Low carriage mass and steel-reinforced timing belt allow high acceleration and sustained velocity

  • Two profile sizes deliver increased throughput, dry running/low friction bearings for long life, low noise, and high static load capacity

  • External sliding guide with integrated dry-film lubricant eliminates two-rail adjustments

Parker Hannifin Corp., Actuator Div.
(330) 335-2136
Circle 160

Wafer-mapping sensor

OHDM 16 long-distance laser-diffuse sensor detects stacked 300 mm wafers from the open side of the Front Operating Unified Pod (FOUP) regardless of surface quality or coating.

Features & benefits

  • Sensing range to 133 mm allows mounting to front of FOUP, but outside handling area

  • Background suppression feature eliminates interference from back of FOUP and allows wafer detection even if notch or flat is facing sensor

  • Laser emitting beam, high accuracy optics, and signal compensation allow ultra high excess gain on 300-mm coated wafers

  • IP67, die-cast zinc housing; operates in temperatures from -5° to 50° C

Baumer Ltd.
(800) 937-9336
Circle 161

Clutches and brakes

AquaMaKKs water-cooled clutches and brakes provide accurate torque control for constant tensioning.

Features & benefits

  • Fewer parts mean easier installation and maintenance

  • Water jacket design ensures high heat absorption and torque stability for heat dissipation

  • Mounting pattern enables direct replacement in other units

  • Operate in harsh environments, including salt water spray

Wichita Clutch, Altra Industrial Motion
(800) 964-3262
Circle 162

Air-bearing stages

ABRT rotary air-bearing stages feature large air-bearing surfaces and preloading for high stiffness and load capacity.

Features & benefits

  • Provide 360° continuous travel with resolution to 0.027 arc/sec

  • 69 kg payload capacity

  • Less than 20 nm asynchronous axial and radial error motion; less than 0.04 arc/sec asynchronous tilt error motion.

  • Use slotless, brushless motor to maximize positioning and produce high torque output with minimal heat generation

  • Speeds to 1,200 rpm

Aerotech Inc.
(412) 967-6854
Circle 163

Anti-seize lubricants

Permatex brand lubricants protect mated metal parts against corrosion, rusting, galling, friction, and seizing.

Features & benefits

  • Inert blend of heavy-duty aluminum, copper, and graphite lubricants in a petroleum base

  • Withstands temperatures from -60° to 1,600° F without hardening or evaporating

  • Copper-free, nickel version withstands temperatures to 2,400° F even under extreme pressure

  • Food-grade lubricant is non-drying, nonmetallic, PTFE-fortified, and synthetic-based; operates in temperatures to 900° F

(800) 933-8266
Circle 164

Clamping sleeves

Kostyrka GmbH clamping sleeves create a shaft-hub joint actuated by hydraulic pressure to support machine tools.

Features & benefits

  • 20 sizes from 10 to 140-mm ID

  • Holding force in excess of 22,000 lb-ft with only negligible axial movement of part being clamped

  • Transmit force and open and close quickly in a compact design

  • Actuated by low hydraulic pressures

Euro-Tech Corp.
(262) 781-6777
Circle 165

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