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Profibus Trade Organization adds certified training

The Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) and the Profi Interface Center (PIC) have added two courses — Profibus Installer's and Profinet Certified Network Engineering — as part of the Profitech Certification Training Course program for 2006.

The one-day installer's class gives participants hands-on training of Profibus DP networks and provides tips on avoiding common networking problems. Course materials include Profibus DP basics, system design and maintenance, and fiber-optic installation. Participants receive six personal development hours (PDH) of advanced training.

The certified network engineering class offers hands-on training of the installation, operation, and maintenance of Profinet products and networks. It also mixes protocol theory and problem-solving exercises. Topics covered include Ethernet basics, Profinet I/O and CBA, network monitoring and diagnostics, and security. Participants receive 24 PDG credit and a Profinet Certified Engineer certificate.

All courses are held in Johnson City, Tenn. on a continuing basis. For information on class dates and times, visit or call (480) 483-2456.

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