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Machine Design

Program CMMS Off-Line

CMMWorks brings off-line CMM programming to SolidWorks 2005. V1.7 provides simulation and programming to off-line coordinate measuring machines.

V1.7 features new probe-path creation tools, more user customization, and additional CMM language postprocessors. The software contains additional tools to inspect surface profiles and update them when the CAD geometry changes. The software also improves its error checking, user interface, and probe motion simulation. V1.7 reduces CMM downtime, uses the original solid geometry, and helps prevent probe collisions through CMM motion simulation. The software uses dimension and tolerance information from the model, drawing, or assembly. The software comes with online documentation, tutorials, and postprocessors for DMIS 4.0, GeoMeasure, Tutor and MicroMeasure 4. The software also imports CAD geometry from sources such as STEP, IGES, ACIS, and SAT.

Eugene, OR,
(541) 349-8747

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