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Programmable actuator with GUI -- Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

 The Idea drive stepper-motor linear actuator is an integrated linear actuator, electronic drive, and control unit fully programmable via a GUI (graphic user interface). The actuator is programed via onscreen buttons instead of complicated proprietary programming languages.
The GUI automatically populates the motor and drive parameters when the user enters the actuator part number. Autopopulated values can be adjusted as long as they remain within the safe range calculated by the software.
A plotter visually represents the move profile based on distance, speed, acceleration, and deceleration. An interactive “debugger” troubleshoots the program. Users can command the drive to execute one program line at a time or multiple lines in a row.
Additional features include programmable phase-current control (including optional boost current during accel/decel ramping), a 12 to 42‑Vdc single supply voltage, and eight optoisolated general-purpose digital I/O. The actuator comes in captive, noncaptive, or external linear versions, both single and double-stack lengths.
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc., 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705, (203) 756-7441,

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