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Motion System Design

Programmable Automation Products

Sensor actuator interfaces

Active SAIs are IP67-rated and provide wiring flexibility for modular and decentralized process control.

Features & benefits

  • Support Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Modbus/TCP

  • M8 and M12 socket connections; 24 Vdc with 8 × M12 inputs, 8 × M8 inputs, 8 × 0.5 A M12 outputs, 8 × 0.5 A M8 outputs, 8 × M8 configurable I/Os, and 8 × M12 configurable I/Os

  • Plug and play connections for sensors or actuators; LEDs at each port, bus, and supply connection

Richmond, Va.
(804) 794-2877
Circle 166

Wireless transceiver

MRF24J40 2.4 GHz transceiver networks ZigBee protocol and wireless protocols in RF applications.

Features & benefits

  • Combines with 200 8-bit and 16-bit PIC microcontrollers and dsPIC DSCs

  • Provides source-code format to allow customization

  • Low-power consuming radio exceeds IEE 802.15.4 specifications

  • Features full media access controller and advanced encryption standard hardware encryption engine

Microchip Technology Inc.
Chandler, Ariz.
(888) 628-6247
Circle 167

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