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Programmable grinder-polishers - Buehler

Programmable grinder-polishers - Buehler

EcoMet 250 and 300 Pro semi-automatic, programmable grinder-polishers have AutoMet 250 and 300 power heads, respectively. The touch-screen-interface controller stores and recalls 32 methods while head speeds adjust from 30 to 60 rpm (AutoMet 250) or 60 to 150 rpm (AutoMet 300) in 10 rpm increments. The z-axis function controls material removal by measuring target depth instead of time.
The systems supply 5 to 60 lb (AutoMet 250) or 5 to 120 lb (AutoMet 300) of force to central specimen holders or 1 to 10 lb AutoMet 250) or 1 to 20 lb (AutoMet 300) to single specimen holders.
Optional PriMet Pro modular dispensing satellites use peristaltic pumps, not mist, to distribute lubricant, diamond, alumina, and colloidal polishing suspensions. The EcoMet also comes in a non-programmable version with push-button controls and digital readouts.

Buehler, 41 Waukegan Rd., Lake Bluff, IL 60044, (847) 295-6500,

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