Machine Design

Programmable PIC-Based Controller

The microIceBlue programmable Bluetooth PIC-based controller implements Bluetooth communication capabilities directly from the UART pins of the PIC microcontroller without the need to know Bluetooth protocol.

The Class 1 (up to 100-m range) module implements a transparent UART-to-Bluetooth interface bridge. The controller's PIC16F877 pin-out, on a double row pin connector, enables applications previously intended for a wireless PIC16F877 application with no additional glue-code or electronics required. The device comes with development tools, programming environment, and documentation to build a device that connects to Smart Phones, PDAs, and PCs.

Saelig Co. Inc.,
1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534,
(585) 385-1750,

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