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Machine Design

Proximity Sensors

UHZ miniature ultrasonic and FARS, MQ, and HEE/HER Series sensors include four models of rectangular through-beam units specifically designed for limited mounting space.

Measuring only 30 20 mm, these miniature sensors come in 18 to 30-Vdc input supply voltages with a choice of pnp or npn transistor outputs, in NO or NC configurations.

The UHZ Series has a maximum sensing distance of 300 mm and comes as a through-beam pair.

The FARS Series is a standard 18-mm tubular diffuse sensor in a nonmetal package that features background-suppression technology, which greatly reduces false readings beyond the specified sensing distance. It senses over 30 to 130 mm and includes an adjustment potentiometer for better sensing accuracy.

The MQ Series is an ac-diffuse photoelectric with a special 90° optic package that lets it mount in locations where space is limited. The MQ Series fits in a standard 18-mm mounting bracket or mounting hole. All MQ Models include background-suppression technology with maximum available sensing distances of 50 or 100 mm.

The HEE/HER Series consists of through-beam sensor pairs in a miniature 8-mm tubular stainless-steel package. All models feature a maximum switching frequency of 10 kHz that accommodates high-speed counting or motion control.

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