Machine Design

Pull-Out Plugs

PR Series pullring plugs protect OEM parts and products during shipping, storage, and masking.

Tapered-style plugs feature patented design with built-in lift rings for easy removal and to reduce product and thread damage. Made of low-density polyethylene in standard blue, available pullring plugs fit all popular NPT, SAE, and JIC sizes. The plugs' flat size allows for efficient packaging, the company says. Plugs come in 17 sizes for openings from 0.361 to 2.49 in. (9.17 to 63.25 mm). Depths range from 0.25 to 0.5 in. (6.36 to 12.7mm). Outer diameters are from 0.745 to 3.075 in. (18.92 to 78.11 mm).

Polymer Molding
1655 W. 20th St.
Erie, PA 16502
(800) 851-5181

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