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Motion System Design
Quality Transmission Components

Quality Transmission Components

Quality Transmission Components is a leading supplier of power transmission components in North America. As the exclusive distributor of KHK Stock Gears in this marketplace, QTC is the largest supplier of stock metric gears. The company’s catalog includes a comprehensive technical section detailing the principles of involute gearing, gear dimension calculations, the definition of backlash, plastic gear design, elements of gear accuracy, principles of surface contact, methods of lubrication, and methods for noise reduction. Product offerings include:

  • Metric spur gears
  • Metric helical gears
  • Metric screw gears
  • Metric ratchets & pawls
  • Metric gear couplings
  • Metric worms and worm wheels (standard and duplex)
  • Metric ring gears (internal and external)
  • Metric involute splines (internal and external)
  • Metric racks (straight, helical, flexible)
  • Metric miter gears (straight and spiral)
  • Metric bevel gears (straight and spiral)

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