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Machine Design

Quiet Compressors

The KS Series of rotaryscrew air compressors are supplied with low DBA acoustical enclosures and removable, easy-access side panels.

These 10 through 50-hp compressors use a microprocessor to monitor the parameters and working condition. SAE O-ring fittings eliminate leaks. Low power consumption is assured with online-offline and startstop control with delay off timer. Electric motors are TEFC for long life. Wye-Delta starters are standard on 25 to 50-hp models. Air ends are manufactured to ISO-9001 standards. Manual and automatic belt tensioners also come standard. The compact units take up little floor space.

Curtis-Toledo Inc.
1905 Kienlen Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63133
(800) 925-5431

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