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Machine Design

Rad-Hardened Servos

RH Series radiationhardened brushless servomotors are designed to accommodate rapid acceleration/deceleration

and reliable operation in radiation-intensive applications, such as fuel processing, nuclear-waste storage, and pebble reactors. The motors are constructed of radiation-resistant materials to prevent high-energy gamma-radiation particles from attacking nonmetallic motor materials. The servomotors come in four sizes, and are available with continuous output torque ranging from 15 to 400 lb-in. or momentary peak torque from 30 to 1,000 lb-in., rotor inertias from 0.17 to 3.67 oz-in.2, and continuous output power of 700 to 7,800 W. The motors are rated for a total accumulated dose of 2 X 108 rads standard, with ratings to 1 X 109 rads on a custom basis.

Empire Magnetics Inc.,
5780B LaBath Ave., Box 1908,
Rohnert Park, CA 94928,
(707) 584-2801,

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