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Rapid-prototype machine produces plastic prototypes - Z Corp.

The ZBuilder Ultra makes high-end functional plastic prototypes. The unit is said to rival injection molding’s accuracy, material properties, detail, and surface finish. The machine lets users verify designs for form, fit, and function prior to full-scale production.
The machine builds 3D parts using a digital-light-processor projector that solidifies a liquid photopolymer.
Benefits of the system include precise duplication of CAD models; part features with tolerances down to ±0.008 in. (± 0.2 mm); precise optics and motion systems for repeatability; movement only in the Z direction; capable of reproducing razor-thin walls and sharp detail; minimum feature size of 0.005 in.; control of light source delivers sharp edges; ultrasmooth surface finish; no “stair stepping;” and control of each voxel (3D pixel).
Z Corp., 32 Second Ave., Burlington, MA 01803, (781) 852-5005,

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