Machine Design

Reach-and-pick clamps simplify handling

Pneumatic Reach & Pick clamps from PHD control actuation and clamping with only one external valve.

Designed to load and unload panels, the new Reach & Pick clamps from PHD Inc., Ft. Wayne, Ind., use a combined pneumatic slide and clamp powered by only one external valve.

The clamps are designed so that its jaws stay open until the slide fully extends, but the jaws will remain closed if air pressure is lost, so panels do not drop. Oversize shock pads reduce noise and vibration at ends of the actuator's travel.

A key feature is quick, simple, and accurate setup, according to the company. The clamps rotate and spherically adjust to match panel position. Speed controls are not required, reducing cost and setup time. And all adjustments are made with only two hex wrenches

Units are available in three standard stroke lengths, 6, 12, and 18 in., and are adjustable from full stroke down to a 0.5-in. stroke.

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