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Reinforced Polypropylene For Load-Bearing Auto Parts

Nepol GB600HP-9502, a long-glassfiberreinforced polypropylene concentrate, is part of a resin system for hard-to-mold automotive parts.

Molders reduce the amount of compounded material used during injection molding by diluting concentrated GB600HP-9502 with the reactor polypropylene (PP BJ100HP) using standard machines outfitted with metering and mixing equipment. Glass-fiber content in the range of 20 to 40% is possible. An additive package can boost long-term temperature resistance and processing stability. The Nepol GB600HP-9502/BJ100HP combination produces dimensionally stabile parts that absorb little moisture and don't creep much, even at elevated temperatures. The Nepol system targets load-bearing automotive parts currently using dilution technology.

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