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Rephasing Hydraulic Cylinders

Rephasing cylinders offer an innovative and costsaving solution for synchronized linear-actuator applications.

The system includes two or more cylinders plumbed in series, with bore and rod diameters sized such that all rods extend or retract equally when flow routes to the first, or last, cylinder in the series. This hydraulic synchronization eliminates the need for a separate flow divider or mechanical torque tube. There's also no need for external circuitry, devices, or plumbing for synchronization.

Rephasing cylinders combine the functions of flow dividing/combining components with that of actuators, saving space and weight. In addition, accuracy reportedly equals or exceeds that of more-costly methods. Other advantages include lower parasitic power losses, pressure intensification, and the ability to transfer power between actuators. Both tie-rod and welded cylinders can be modified to take advantage of rephasing technology.

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