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Resin seals cracks macroporosity in castings-IMPCO Inc

IMSEAL-800 is a high-strength epoxy resin that seals visible porosities in castings and other metal parts, as well as completely and permanently fills blowholes, cracks, and other defects where welding or brazing would be impractical. The clear, multipurpose sealant is also suitable for laminating, potting, and encapsulating.

The resin is drawn beneath the surface, penetrating and filling pores deep below the surface, without reinforcing materials, producing a leak-proof seal. The sealed area is pressure tight and can be drilled, tapped, machined, and processed.
IMSEAL-800 comes in a premeasured, easy-mix packet. The epoxy and activator are mixed before the packet is opened, and the packaging can be used as an applicator. Once mixed, the 750-cps modified epoxy has a pot life of 45 min at room temperature. The resin cures at room temperature or by heat. Once cured, it withstands pressure, impact, and a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. IMSEAL-800 typically withstands –65 to 350°F and has a Rockwell hardness of 97, 9,000-psi tensile strength, 35,000‑psi compressive strength, and 16,500-psi compressive yield.

IMPCO Inc., 27 Dexter Rd., East Providence, RI 02914, (800) 779-2491,

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