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Linking it all together

I get the connection between your views and industrial issues.

And I agree wholeheartedly.
Dave Goldsmith

Tesla and EMP

EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons, a fallout of Tesla's work, are rapidly gaining attention. Essentially, a single missile with a nuclear warhead detonated far outside Earth's atmosphere can damage a high percentage of computer chips over several states, even an entire continent. In addition, the blast can also damage and shut down the electric power grid.

I, for one, would like to see the U.S. step up its efforts to “harden” our infrastructure and advise families on how to prepare for a possible attack. When people first hear about this, they often question credibility. The official Senate-House Commission published a report about EMP at Another informative source is the chapter titled, “Step 6,” in a new book called War Footing. Portions of the chapter and a related one-minute video can be found at

This is nothing to cause a panic over, but if citizens ask their politicians and service providers to look into the matter and encourage both government and industry to take responsible action, I believe we have the time to make this potential tactic less effective, and thus, far less likely. Often the first small and timely efforts make the greatest improvements. As Gen. George Patton said, “Fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds distance run.”
George Anderson

Nikola Tesla series

I want to thank you for publishing “Waverunner — Part 3.” If possible, can you please provide a link with all previously published material on Nikola Tesla?

Keep up the good work.
Mihajlo Zoranovic
Langen Packaging Inc.
Mississauga, Ont.

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