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Motion System Design

In response

The following letters are in response to the June editorial, Name that Technology, in which we discussed the unlucky nature of an unnamed boat, as well as standardized naming conventions for industrial components.

Borrowed time

If your boat is like so many others on the water, Knotpaid 4 will work as a name.
George Rugman

Come sail away

After reading the June issue, I came up with two possible names for your vessel: Looping Liz or In the Loop, based on the title of your column. By the way, I enjoy the magazine and have gained several ideas from the articles. Have a nice summer and, if you can, travel the Great Lakes for a couple of weeks: A trip to Mackinac and then to Chicago would be a great vacation.

Carry on, sailors!
Kenneth Ruczko

Naming conundrums

Great column in June. The naming of designs is a recurring issue, always underestimated — especially by management — but rich in depth. Just try to describe nominalism, the theory that reasons, “There is nothing general except names,” according to British philosopher John Stuart Mill. Another source for the understaffed marketing manager when tasked with naming a design is
Chris Knudsen

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Forces of nature

Thank you for preparing and providing the Forces of Nature eBook.

It is a very helpful service. I hope you guys can keep them coming.
Hanan Hurwitz

Summer e-reading

Neat idea! Thanks to all the folks at Motion System Design and Penton for putting these eBooks together.
John Swank

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